Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mother's Day

On 26 of May we celebrate Mother’s Day in Poland. I wish all moms to find:
their thoughts and dreams in silence;
strength and love in family members;
joy and inspirations in surrounding world.

Enjoy your day ladies! 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

On Sunday I took train from Białystok to Gdynia. After 5 hours and 30 minutes of my journey I started to get bored so I called Łukasz and ask him whether I can get off the train in Elbląg and visit his family. He agreed.  We organized small trip to Sztutowo. 

Baltic sea. Lovely, isn't it? heh ;)

Photo for CV

Soon I am gonna apply for a job so it’s high time to write good Curriculum Vitae. To attract headhunters attention I had professional photo session. What do you think which picture is the best? Which I should put in my CV? On left side of my blog you can find survey. Can you answer this question there please?
no 1

no 2

no 3

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Country road take me home, to the place I belong! 

Last few days I spent in my home town- Białystok. It was so good to be home! Homemade food, warm atmosphere, true friends- that was what I needed! 

Crack nail polish

When you wear rings you should take care of your nails. Now there are many interesting trends in manicure. One of them is crack nail polish (PL: pękający lakier do paznokci).

I bought black because I thought it would suit to most of my clothes ;)

First you should paint your nails with your favourite nail enamel. I chose orange because now I love this colour ;) Then, when your nails will be dry you can put second coat- paint your nails with crack nail polisher. If you take a lot of enamel on a brush your cracks will be thick. When you take only little enamel your cracks will be small.

OPI introduced this crack nail polish on a market. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them anywhere so I decided to buy one by IsaDora.

Monday, 23 May 2011


I don’t like wearing rings because I don’t feel comfortable with them. I always take them off when I clean my hands (and believe me I do it VERY often) ;) Once, when I was in the cinema with my friend, after eating popcorn I went to the toilet to clean my hands. I took off my favourite gold ring, put it on a sink, clean my hands and... leave the toilet. After few minutes I realize I lost my ring because I didn’t have something on my finger to play with ;) I came back to the toilet but my ring wasn’t there. I was very sad few days, heh ;) And since that time I stopped wearing rings at all. But few months ago I saw beautiful rings collection in Yes (jewelry shop) . Rings are very thin and it’s advice to wear few of them on one finger.

I fell in love with this rings at the first sight. I have already few in my collection ;)

The rings are quite cheap. As far as I know prices starts from 49 PLN.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Meeting with friends :)

Today I met my friends Ania, Asia and Mariusz. The weather was warm so we went to beer garden and then for a walk on a pier in Sopot. I really enjoy spending time with them.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

X- Factor

At the beginning I didn’t want to watch this show. I saw first show by coincidence, I liked it and get involved.

I can say I used to love Kuba Wojewódzki for his wit but after his last decision when he decided that William Malcolm has to leave the show I hate him. In my opinion in extra time William Malcolm was 100 times better than girls from the Sweet Rebels band. I really don’t like them. In my opinion they should down for the count long time ago, or I can say they shouldn’t even reach the live performances. They are kitsch!!!,uczestnicy,1,1,william_malcolm,13.html
In a minute there will be next life show. I cannot wait to watch it :)
On Saturday we went for a walk by the sea. After short walk, when we started to a freezing, we went to restaurant for dinner. I ordered chicken soup. When I tried it, it was very, very salty. Not to eat. Usually I would eat it with a smile on my face and tell waiter that it was delicious but not this time. I told him that I would like to claim the soup because it is toooooo salty. The waiter said he is gonna verify it. Then he bring me menu and ask whether I would like to order something else. I chose shrimps. It was really good. When we got a bill there was no soup on it, only shrimps and meat which Łukasz ordered. So I can say it was worth to claim the meal. After dinner we went to my favorite a public house for few pints

'Welcome to the world, baby girl!’- Fannie Flagg

On the Internet Kasia Tusk recommended book written by Fannie Flagg:  ‘Welcome to the world, baby girl!’ I decided to buy it because I liked the covered. At the beginning I really regretted buying it. It was quite boring. I expected descriptions of crazy, fast, interesting life of TV journalist and presenter but instead of that I got boring descriptions of her life. I was really disappointed. But I never leave book on a shelf without reading it to the end. I have to admit that the last pages of the story began to be interesting. All small riddle began to be solved.,prod4470029,ksiazka-p
In general: this book tells us well known truth that when people are seriously ill they began to appreciate all they have and try to find answers for all questions which bother them. 

Saturday, 7 May 2011


We decided to spend long weekend in Zakopane. It is Polish winter capital, a center of national culture and the largest Polish center for hiking and winter sports. I was is this town about 15 times and it wasn’t the last one for sure because I really, really love this town! It’s full of attractions!

We took a bus to get to there. It was a long way so I took a lot of things not to die from boredom: books to read, ipod and book with jokes. Believe me, when you are in such long journey you will be tired for sure and than this jokes seems to be extremly funny!

We decided to stay in guest house Dawidek. We were there 3 years ago and we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately during this stay I haven't taken a lot of pictures. So here I put some photos downloaded from the Internet.

All restaurants in Zakopane have beautiful, regional design. Owners take care of every detail. Even menu looks like highlanders ax. In most of restaurants after 6 pm there are life music played by highlander band. What is more service is great. They really take care of clients satisfaction. Not like in some restaurants in Tricity. I can tell you that in Gdańsk some restaurants have attitude like : come, eat and fuck (przyjdź, zjedz i spierdalaj).They have so many customers that they don’t care whether you will come back or not.

As far as food is concerned I am very finicky. I usually eat only white meat like chicken. I have never, ever eaten golonka or flaczki just because of the name and the way it looks like. In Zakopane I had small problem because most of the meals were very hard and greasy. I decided to dare and tried the bread with lard. To my surprise it was very delicious! 

On Saturday we went for a walk in the town. We did small shopping. Łukasz bought slippers, funny T-shirt and I choose socks, postcards, tea cups and vodka glasses with funny pictures and texts. I know it’s come kind of kitsch but I really like it.

We took hill funicular to Gubałówka.  From the top of mountain there stretched the most beautiful view on the highest part of Polish Tatra mountains and over the city. It started to rain so we went to the shelter to warm up with herbata z prądem (tea with spiritus).

This is how we see world after few mugs of tea.... ;)

Next day, on Sunday, we decided to reach the mountain peak. When we walked up to Nosal it was raining so we were wearing rain cape. 

There is only 710 km back home.

In background there is the Great Krokiew (in Polish krokiew means rafter). It is a ski jumping venue.

Next day, next mountain. On Tuesday we went to Morskie Oko.  Morskie Oko it is the largest and  the most beautiful lake in the Tatra mountains. It’s really easy to get there because you are going on a concrete. But on the other hand walk is really long. You have to go 9 km one way.

View at Morskie Oko is breath taking! And the water is sooo clean!

In the evening I went to cinema 7D. Łukasz didn’t feel well enough to enjoy this attraction. Movie  lasted only 15 minutes. On such show besides sound and picture you can also feel smell, temperature, water breeze, breath of air, touch on the back and on your seat.

We really enjoyed our stay in Zakopane. Why we love this city and its citizens? Why because they are very:
  • witty:
    • when we were going on a walk while it was raining, a man talk to us: “I am really sorry for the weather” hahaha
    • it takes 2 hours to get up to Nosal 
+ 1h when you are wearing high heels
-30% when you are experienced walker, hehe :)
    • religious
      • during our stay there was beatification of John Paul II. Each house was beautifully decorated. There were beautifully waved flags and pictures of Pope in every window. 
    We took a train to come back home. We had bedroom compartment just for ourselves. It’s really comfortable. There are two beds with bed linen, small wardrobe with clothes hanger, sink, mirror and food (two bottle of water per person and 7days crossant). After few minutes train departed from platform Łukasz began to be hungry. I bought some food on the way like knoppers, haribbo etc but Łukasz didn’t like it. I wonder why..? heh  By mobile phone we search pizzeria in Sucha Beskidzka, than we call them and order pizza to train platform. It worked well! Łukasz was soooo happy and gratefull when he got his pizza to train!