Monday, 21 March 2011

Recently I haven't got afflation for writting.

Two weeks ago my parents came to Gdynia to visit us during the weekend. We spent most of our time walking by the sea (in Gdynia and Hel), in restaurants (eating fish), in IKEA and in church. Nothing special.

With my mum.
With my man ;)
My mum by the sea.
My mum, dad and I.
Łukasz with the ladies ;)
My parents gave us wonderful gift. We got new car- Mercedes Benz A class :) I mean it's not a new car. It has 3 years. This is our second car. Now I am driving our 'old' Mercedes with manual gearbox and Lucas is enjoying himself in new car with auhomatic transmission. We decided to have 2 cars for a while. But in 2 months time we are going to sell 'old' Mercedes.

Time to say goodbye. On the train sration.
Last weekend we went to Elbląg to visit Łukasz parents. We went with them for a trip to Kadyny. It is small village by the Vistula Lagoon. We went there for a short walk. It was quite cold there. Łukasz didn't take hat and scarf so his mother gave him her scarf. Łukasz put it all over his head. He looked funny ;)

Łukasz mother.
Łukasz and his father.

On trees there were 'bazie'- some kind of flower buds. You could feel spring all around :)

Now I am reading 'W 80 dni dookoła świata (nie wyjeżdżając z Londynu) by Jarek Sępek. The title in English is: 'In 80 days around the world (without leaving London)'. I am very active reader. When there is name of metro station, street or museum I check on the map where this place is. I also check on the Internet how to pronounce it etc ;)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The BEST or the WORST International Women's Day...?

As you all know on Tuesday was Woman's Day. I thought that Łukasz will just buy me flowers and chocolates but he did much more! When I came back home the table was covered nicely. There were floating candles, flowers, white wine and... SUSHI. I was really happy because I didn’t expect that! We don’t eat sushi very often so it was perfect surprise for this special day ;)

I don’t know how to eat with chopsticks but I was doing my best.

Most photos aren't very good quality because Łukasz didn’t allowed me to take pictures. He asked me to enjoy the moment...

At night I didn’t feel so good. I spend the whole night in the bathroom. I was vomiting every 30 minutes. It was the worst night in my whole life! The next day I took day off.  I will never ever eat sushi again!  On Wednesday Łukasz took good care of me. He went to a pharmacy and bought some medicine, he also bought soup and brought it all to bed. When I was sleeping he cleaned the whole apartment. I really love him! He can makes me feel special and I can count on him in every situation.

Today is Men’s Day. Unfortunatelly I haven’t prepare anything special for Łukasz. I just made his socks (hihi). I will make him a surprise next week, when he will not expect anything.

P.S. I send belated but sincere wishes for all ladies. Enjoy the song! :*

Monday, 7 March 2011

I am really sorry I don't write posts very often but every day I came back home VERY tired and I don't have enought energy to describe my day.

On Friday I visited my friend from University- Iza. We used to be good friends, then we lost contact and now we are trying to get in touch again.

On Saturday I went shopping with Lucas :) Finally I got my Christmas gift. Some of you have already heard this story but I will tell it one more time. So... I wanted to get as a Christmas gift 'Lady Million' Perfume by Paco Rabbane. I love this smell! Before Christmas Łukasz went for shopping and bought 'One Milltion' perfume but... by mistake he took one for men, hehe. I was laughting when I got them. This was perfect gift because now my man smells really good ;) So on Saturday I finally got my dreamed gift :)

After shopping we went to eat something chinese. To be honest I am not very big fun of such food but this was really good!

In the evening we watch 'Edge of Darkness' with Mel Gibson. This film wasn't as good as I expected. Recently a lot of movies dissapointed me. They are so predictable! Maybe you can advice me good movie?

On Sunday we want for a trip to Hel(l) :) I had really great time! We took a bus to get there. We usually travel by public transport so we can drink alkohol... ;) We took with us one big bag full of stale bread so we were able to feed swans and seagulls.

We went there for a long walk: in the forest and by the sea.

My strong man :*

Love is all around.

Tea time.

Polish sea in winter.

Dinner time.

Most restaurants on Hel have beautiful, stylish design.

When we came back home we watched 'Sex and the city 2'. This movie was great! I really enjoying watching it!