Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Today in the late evening I went with Łukasz for a walk by the sea. It was great to breath fresh air after long day spent at home and at work (in buildings). To my surprise, the sea was frozen. I hope we will sleep well ;) Good night everyone! :*

Oh, and before going to bed I will write some beauty tips because I haven’t give them for a long time. So here there are:

The third lever of beauty pyramid is sleep, movement and good diet.

SLEEP: You should sleep at least 8 hours per day.  It would be really great if you go to bed and wake up in the morning at the same time every day. My plan is to fall asleep at 10 pm and wake up at 6 am. It will be very difficult to do but I will do my best! 
EXERCISES:  gymnastic is really important. To be honest I haven’t practice any sport for the last 5 years. I am sooooo lazy.  I will start from going for a walk or ice skiing this week. I hope ice rink it is still open.
RELAXATION: after long day take a bath in bath-tub full of bubbles. It is so relaxing.
DIET:  you should eat at least 3 meals per day. Do you know famous polish proverb: ‘Breakfast eat alone, dinner share with your friend, and supper give to your enemy’. It is also recommended to take dietary supplement like ‘Belissa’.

Fourth step of beauty pyramid are cosmetics. Good moisturizer cream is essential. As I wrote earlier I apply my cream on a wet face. As soon as you came back home remove your make up. Your skin should breath ;)

Another tips or rather one tip is not to smoke!!! Cigarette smoke adversely affects the hair and skin.
Today is really beautiful weather. The sun is sunning and it's snowing. Snowflakes look like diamonds. I can look out the window hole day...

Yesterday after work I went to shopping mall with Łukasz. I wanted to buy some books to my master thesis but I couldn’t find even one book about import or international trade. I will go to bigger bookstore tomorrow. But all in all I bought  book about job hunting. I will study it hard to prepare for job interviews abroad ;)

After shopping we went to cafeteria. I love spending time with my boyfriend. We were drinking hot chocolate and talking about our day, plans and dreams.... I really fell in love with paper cup for a coffee. I wanted to ask waiter for one but I was too shy... So I started going to a car. After few steps I change my mind and decided to ask waiter for it. In worst case she will not give me this cup and think that I am like a child but why would I care what she thinks about me... So I came back to ask for it and... I got it! Yeah, yeah, yeah  :) Now it is standing on my desk and motivates me to work, the same as this lovely postcard with dog. I like to be surrounded by pretty things...

Sunday, 20 February 2011

On Friday after work I went to newsstand to buy a ticket for a bus. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough cash. I wanted to pay by visa card  but it turned out that I have to do a shopping for minimum 10 PLN. I look around and decided to buy a book: ‘Arytmia uczyć’ written by Dorota Wellman and Janusz Leon Wiśniewski. This book is a biography of one of the author (J.L. Wiśniewski) written as a dialogue between the two of authors: question, answer, question, answer, etc. I started to read a book in a bus and I couldn’t stop reading. It was so nail-biter. I read it on one evening, which doesn’t happen me very often ;)

On Saturday me and Łukasz cleaned our apartment. To be honest from all duties I hate cleaning the most. But it was quite O.K. because we shared duties: I vacuumed rooms, Lucas wash the floor with mop, I wiped dust from furniture, he wiped dust from electronic equipment etc. In the  evening we watched movies: “Sex and the city”. Shame to admit but I have never, ever seen the series. I am gonna rent this soon. Why I fell in love with this movie...? Because of the fashion. Main actress had great clothes!!! Another movie which we saw was: ‘Dolan's Cadillac’. This film was quite boring. I don’t recommend it. One advantage was really beautiful main actress- Emanuelle Vaugier (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0891275/). Unfortunately she was killed after 20 minutes of movie, heh ;)

In the evening I went to work. I like working in the evenings and at nights. Children are sleeping so I have time for myself (watching movies, reading a book or a newspaper, searching the Internet) and it’s 1,5 rate paid. Isn’t it great???

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I guess I should write something about St. Valentine’s Day. So… I got wonderful gift from ‘my boys’. Antton & Louis gave me French cheese and chocolates. I was very happy because I didn’t expect that. Presents which aren’t expected are the best.

It is said, that long lasting relationship is like a business: that the parties were satisfied, it must be beneficial for both. On St. Valentine’s Day before going to work I decorated apartment and left gift for my boy. I bought him bath accessories such as: bubble bath, bath balls etc. I love making him small surprises for people who I love.

Thanks to Lucas I am better person.  His love is the best gift he can ever give me

In January I said to my boss that he can go out on St. Valentine’s evening because I am going to celebrate this holiday during the weekend. I also suggested him not to tell a word to his wife. We made her a surprise. We ordered a bouquet of flowers, which was deliver to her work, with a card:

‘Be ready at 19:15 at home.
I am gonna take you to heaven.
          -  Misterious stranger’

Or something like this.

We women watch a lot of romantic movies and dreams of such surprise, aren’t we? This is how Coralie’s
boquet of flowers looks like:

To be honest I was a little disappointed. I thought boquet for 150 PLN will be much bigger....

I haven’t give you an advice how to look beautiful for a long time. So today I will describe second step which is: skin hydration. It is really important to use good moisturizing cream. I spray my face with thermal water and then apply cream on wet face. I also drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day.

Sometimes my blog drives me crazy. I have problems with text formatting. Wrr... I hate it when something isn’t perfect. I don't want this bold, block letters, wrrr... I will think how to change it during the weekend. Now I am going to bed. Good night! :*
I hate days like yesterday! I didn't have time for myself at all. Even one hour! I woke up in the morning, clean my face and run for a bus which took me to work. I didn't have time to take long shower or eat breakfast. After ten hours at work I went to grocery store for some small shopping. I also bought Cosmpolitan, yeah yeah, yeah. But all in all I am not so happy because I didn't have time not only to read it but also to leaf it through. After supper I watched 'The O.C.' We have only two episodes left to watch. I think we will not involve in next serial. I need free evenings to write my master thesis and to prepare for moving to another country. OK, I have to finish to take a short shower and run for a bus to work because I have to be there in one hour!!! Have a nice day guys! :*

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Łukasz made me perfect St. Valentine's gift. He invited me to Toruń for three days! On Friday morning we took a train to this city. We decided to travel by train so we could drink a lot of hot wine :)

In Toruń we have some must have seen/been points where we go whenever we are it this city. We usually stay in Spichrz or ‘Pod Czarną Różą’ hotel. This time we decided to stay in ‘Pod Czarną Różą’ hotel. In that hotel there is guest book. We found our old entry (autograph) from 2008. It was so sweet and heart moving ;) Here is the proof :]

This are the websites of hotels which I really recommend:
Hotel Pod Czarną Różą:  http://www.hotelczarnaroza.pl/index_en.html

After checking in we went to our favourite restaurant. There are really delicious dumplings, beautiful design and great service. This is website of this place:

In the evening we went to the cinema. We saw movie: ‘Love and other drugs’. This movie was recommended for St. Valetine’s Day but in my opinion it’s not good film for a romantic date, especially first! Movies for such occasion should be enterteiment not comedy drama. Here are the trailers:

On Saturday we did shopping!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah I love that! As it was romantic St. Valentines weekend Łukasz bought me sexy underwear. How it looks like can see on a model. No! I will not download here picture of me in bra :P We also went to ‘Stara Mydlarnia’. This is shop with candles, soaps and sophisticated cosmetics for relax. We decided to buy hears shaped candles which swim in the water (so cool), perfume oil, hand cream and bath salt. Hmmm I cannot wait to use it.

I hope I look in this bra as good as this model or even better ;)

After shopping we went to cafeteria. You know, shopping is really exhausting job and we needed to relax ;) We had great view from the window for the old town. During drinking fruit cocktails we analyzed map of the town and choose we choose the route for a walk.

During the hole trip I wanted to look pretty as it was suppose to be romantic days. So I took for a trip only beautiful dresses which weren’t very warm. I can even say they weren’t warm at all. I didn’t take hat and gloves. So I bought lavender-colored beret. I think it is really nice hat ;)

Guess what this handsome man is holding in his hand?!?

Good answer is: beautiful flowers for his girlfriend. I got three tulips :)

After long sightseeing walk we went  to wine bar. I really love the décor of this local. It is so romantic. We order there pot of hot, red wine and cheese board. It was delicious!

We went to planetarium. This was my fifth visit it that place. And believe me or not I always fall asleep during film seeing. I used to do my best not to fall asleep but nothing works for me. Even strong coffee.  Armchairs are arranged in a horizontal position and the themes of movies fall me asleep. Łukasz is always a little upset and he says that I am ignorant person. But what can I do if despite strenuous efforts I always fall asleep during the projection.

After the show we went to ‘Pierogarnia Stary Młyn’ for a supper. I order the same meal as the day before.

After supper there was time for dessert. We went to tearoom. We order pot of tea and enjoyed ourselves. 
As you can see we spend most of our time in Toruń mainly on eating and drinking, lol ;)

In the late evening we went to the cinema once again. This time we saw movie: ‘the king's speech’. This time łukasz fall asleep, hehe. He said it was because of pot of hot tea which relaxed him.


On sunday we went for a walk. Although the sun was sunning it was cold.


I really recommend this city for sightseeing. We were there 5 times and we will back there for sure. The city has great atmosphere, a lot of beautiful places to visit and many great restaurants. It looks different during the day and at night when everything is beautifully highlighted. If you decided to got there don’t hesitate to ask me for advice or simply a map.

We changed our mind and didn't come back straight to home. We went to Elbląg to visit Łukasz's parents. Unfortunatelly I didn't take picture there. In the morning we took bus to Tricity. Łukasz get off the bus in Sopot and went straight to work. I get off in Gdynia and went to our apartment.

This picture was take on Monday morning, on our way back home:
This is how I look after 5 hours of sleep. Not so bad, huh...? ;)

Monday, 14 February 2011

Hey guys, it’s so cool that you read my blog and ask for new posts. Thanks a lot!!! I am sorry I haven’t written for a long time but I was very busy. I will tell you why. So….

Every day I park my car in garage. Usually I am so tired after the hole day that I just park car and go straight to lift which take me to my apartment. I don’t look around. And now it turns out this is a mistake. I really should have my eyes open wider. On Thursday Łukasz showed me fungus on a wall. It is soooooo big!!!  How couldn’t I notice that?!? We decided to act really fast. Łukasz took day off. We write claim form in which we informed what we noticed. We also ask for identify and remove causes of dampness in the garage. I hope they will respond this writing soon and cover cost of repairs.

When I informed my dad about this situation he said that: ‘dampness and fungus always were and always will be in basement and garage’. In my opinion he ignore the problem. I hope he changed his mind when he saw pictures which I send him. I would like to stress that I informed my dad about the problem not because I wanted him to help be. I call him to let him know what I am doing :]

Hey, did you notice that I dye my eyebrows and eyelashes…? How do I look? Aren’t my eyebrows too big…? Before going for a weekend trip I also had my nails done. I love relaxing in beauty salon, hairdresser and SPA. I would like to go there every weekend if it would be cheaper. But according to Łukasz theory visiting beauty salon every weekend wouldn’t gave me such pleasure. He said that if I went there regularly it would be a standard, nothing special. If you do something very often it will not give you pleasure. I wonder if he is right…

I love traveling. When I am in the road the world looks so beautiful, everything is so simple and easy. The my favorite part of journey is driving early in the morning when there is sunshine and the world comes to life. In that moment I’m always full of positive energy and hope for better day and life.

In the evening I will decribe you my trip to Toruń. Have a nice St. Valentine's day guys!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Few weeks ago I asked my friend- Kara how to improve my English. She gave me some good tips. Now I am implementing them into my life (at least I am trying) ;)

Kara's tips how to learn English:
1. Talk, talk, talk, talk as much as possible.
2. Keep in touch with your foreign friends.
3. If you decided to attend language course choose one which emphasis speaking.
4. Think in English.
5. Talk in English to yourself ;)
6. Before going to bed read a book (in English of course).
7. In the evening watch a movie (without subtitles and dubbing).

Following Kara’s tips yesterday all evening and night I had been watching Ally My Beal season 2. I borrowed it form Olivier just for the weekend and I have been keeping it for two weeks... So I had marathon of all episodes. Today I am gonna give the movie back.

Since January 2011 I have been doing ’wielkie odgracanie’. It means I throw away things I do not use, need or like. I have already gave my unworn clothes for my family, download photos from CD’s on my hard disc (soon I’m gonna develop them). Now I have been reading old newspapers. I am gonna throw them away as soon as I will read them. I also give back things which are not mine. Today I will go to the post office and send it to the owner.
Today I went for a coffee with my good friend from university. I had really great time. I miss times when we were students and saw each other five times per week...

After meeting with Ania I drop in Empik (this is shop with books, newspapers, CD's etc.). I wanted to buy three books but all in all I haven’t bought even one. I am so proud of myself because usually it is like that: I buy book(s), come back home and than I put my new purchase on shelf without reading it. I always hope that one day I will find time to read it. And than after few weeks I come back home with new book. I put it on shelf  without reading it and I hope that one day I will find time to read it.... ;)


Friday, 4 February 2011

Today I watched film about Polish Nobel laureat Wisława Szymborska. “Życie czasami bywa znośne” is really good movie! I strongly recommend it. You can watch it on YouTube. Unfortunately it is only in polish language.

Today I bought sunglasses!

Those pictures were taken at night. This is how I look without make up. So please don’t be frightened.

At the beginning I didn’t like this hearts or whatever it is on sides. I thought it is trashy (daub). But after few minutes I actually started to like it and decided to buy this glasses!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

When I come back home (usually about 8 pm) I am so tired that I only eat supper, watch movie, take a shower and go straight to bed. So I usually describe my day next morning.

Yesterday I did cupcakes with “my” children. To my surprise Antton was very interested in cooking (he usually prefer to play toys). Such moments make me fell really happy and fulfilled .

When I came back home Lucas ask me to cook pasta together. I really enjoy spending time in kitchen with my boy. Because it is not like that, that I am doing everything by myself and he is watching TV. No! Not at all! We share duties: he cut all vegetables: mushrooms, olives and I make meat and noodle. You know long lasting relationship is like a business: that the parties were satisfied, it must be beneficial for both.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Yesterday I visited my friend from university. Eight months ago she born a child, beautiful boy. To be honest her life doesn’t look to optimistic. All day long she is staying at home with baby, she doesn’t have a job and she is still living with her husband in her parent’s apartment. The worst thing is that her husband doesn’t get along with her parents. Not optimistic perspective. I wish them all the best! And in such situations I realize how happy I am with great parents, understanding and loving boyfriend, own apartment, car and well paid job. Now I don’t have any problems I am just dreaming and concentrated on realization of my plans.

Guys remember, that if you don't aim at anything you achieve nothing. Believe me.  Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t think what others will say... Just act!  ;)

In the evening we had guest. Lucas father came for a supper. I love talking to that guy. He is like my friend. 

Although my life has been crazy recently and I am very tired I love the way it is. The more busy I am, the more energy I have. I am really happy every single day. I wish you all the same feeling.

Now I am reading a book called: ‘Be beautiful’ written by Barbara Hołub. Every day I will write you some tips how to take care of yourself to look really good.

According to author there are 4 steps to look beautiful:

First step and the most important is sun protection. Don’t leave home without using daily cream with sun protection. It is allso important to wear sunglasses. Even in winter! To be honest I don’t have good sunglasses. Few days ago I noticed that there are BIG discount for sunglasses in optical shops. Tomorrow when I will get my salary I am going for sunglasses shopping, oh yeah. 

Mood: optimistic, full of hopes
Book: 'Be beautiful’ by Barbara Hołub

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Today I had really busy day. I promise to describe everything tomorrow. Now I am going to bed get some sleep.